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Winsyslog - not write into files

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Winsyslog - not write into files

Postby ryoirie » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:26 pm


I migrated Winsyslog from an old syslog server to a new server.
It's collecting syslog from multiple devices (Cisco and Juniper).
It looks fine but output file's data size was obviously too small.
The application writes some entries and misses some other entries.
Firewall-A: the busiest firewall
Firewall-B: second busiest firewall

I used to see Firewall-A's log file size was usually 5MB a day but now it's like 300kb.
Firewall-B is almost as same as 1.5MB.
I run Wireshark and confirmed those syslog stream reached the server.
Then Winsyslog failed to save many of them.

Juniper firewall (syslog provider) configuration is as simple as follows:
set syslog config ""
set syslog config "" facilities local0 local0
set syslog config "" log traffic
(the old server was working with this configuration and didn't show the problem anyway)

Server's NIC is gigabit ethernet and it's working fine. No error, no duplex issue.
Server's CPU/memory - a bit busy but not showing as critical.

Winsyslog: ver 5.3.374 (service), 5.3.261 (client)
Windows Server 2003 SP2

Does anybody see the same issue??
Any advice would be very appreciated especially how to investigate, where I should look into first etc.

Thank you very much!!
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Re: Winsyslog - not write into files

Postby alorbach » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:11 am


this is a very old version. For faster product support please use our support email
My guess is that you are using Syslog UDP. Please note that UDP isn't a save protocol to transmit and receive data.
You can enable debug output in WinSyslog, and it will proberly show something useful to analyze the problem.

best regards,
Andre Lorbach
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