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RFC5424 PARAM-NAME case sensitivity

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RFC5424 PARAM-NAME case sensitivity

Postby AlanR » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi All,

I have been running some RFC5424 messages through my rsyslog server and I notice that the PARM-NAMES are all forced to lower case. If I submit a patch to allow the names to retain their original case is that likely to break something subtle elsewhere in the code ? The tolower() call on line 219 of mmpstrucdata.c was presumably put there for a reason.

I see the assertion that

property names are treated case-insensitive in rsyslog. As such, RFC5424 names are treated case-insensitive as well. If such names only differ in case (what is not recommended anyways), problems will occur

But the RFC says that these names should be case sensitive and some of my users are sending mixed case names.

6.3.3. SD-PARAM

Each SD-PARAM consists of a name, referred to as PARAM-NAME, and a
value, referred to as PARAM-VALUE.

PARAM-NAME is case-sensitive. IANA controls all PARAM-NAMEs, with
the exception of those in SD-IDs whose names contain an at-sign.

What would you advise please ?

Many thanks

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