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syslog with cisco wlc

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syslog with cisco wlc

Postby jjsan » Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:40 am

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it can send some syslog messages so i managed to send messages but this is my problem:
i don't know on which facility or level i should catch these messages.

if i catch messages from
*.info - i got those messages right but also with kernel messages
i can't get those messages with any facility ( i tried all localX.* /var/log/localX, where X is from 0 to 7), but i didn't catch them

i want to catch them to one file but without kernel messages

any suggestions?

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Re: syslog with cisco wlc

Postby Dino » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:52 am

It depends on your WLC version (hard and soft).
You can type command "show logging" to verify :
It will return something like :

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Logging to syslog :
- Syslog facility................................ local7
- Logging of system messages to syslog :
 - Logging filter level.......................... informational
 - Number of system messages logged.............. 1022502

If you want to change, you can type command "config logging syslog facility local7".
I believe local7 is the default facility, not sure.

If you only use web interface, go on page Management/Logs/config.
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