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Removing the 32 char template limits for legacy format

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Removing the 32 char template limits for legacy format

Postby Themixeur » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:19 pm

I'm using rsyslog to put some logs into a a postrgeSQL database, and I absolutly have to use the legacy format for template configuration (if I don't want to rewrite someone else entire conf file). My goal is to remove one of the limitations from the use of the current template.

Here's the template:
Code: Select all
$ModLoad ompgsql

$template customeTemplate, \
        "INSERT INTO eventrecorder( facility, severity, fromhostip, version, hostname, receivedat, devicereportedtime, appname, procid, msgid, message, structureddata) VALUES \
        ( '%syslogfacility%', '%syslogseverity%', '%fromhost-ip%', '%protocol-version%', '%hostname%', '%timegenerated:::date-rfc3339%', '%timereported:::date-rfc3339%','%app-name%', '%procid%', '%msgid%', '%msg%', '%structured-data%' );",  \

The limitation I'm refering to is the fact that if the %app-name% field is larger than 32 characters, the entire log entry is dismissed.

What I need to do is extend this limit to 48 characters and only truncate the field instead of removing the entire entry.

I found some things regarding the "regular" syntax like here :

But I haven't really found anything explaining the intricacies of transforming fields for the legacy format.

In the hopes you guys can help me.
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