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RELP Issue

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RELP Issue

Postby Jzeolla » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:10 pm

I have version 1.2.12 of rsyslog-relp installed (rsyslog 8.22), and am trying to upgrade to 1.2.14 (rsyslog 8.29). However, when I do that I am consistently running into an issue that appears to be similar to a bug which was fixed with version 1.2.10 (Send full buffers after connection re-establishing). The sender starts sending some logs, I get them on the receiving side, but after about 0-10 log messages (sometimes just a partial message gets through) I see:

2135.231541096:imrelp.c : relp session 6 iRet 10002, tearing it down
2135.231547586:imrelp.c : librelp: delete sock 6 from epoll set
2135.231555603:imrelp.c : hint-frame to send: '0 serverclose 0
2135.231582803:imrelp.c : relpTcpSend: sock 6, lenbuf 16, send returned 16 [errno 0]
2135.231596092:imrelp.c : in destructor: sendbuf 0x7f3ec8003160

Digging more into the logs, I see something that seems to say that the version of relp in use is 1.2.0 which is very surprising to me, and I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on it:
2135.230666611:imrelp.c : relp session read 96 octets, buf '1 open 85 relp_version=0

I started to look through the code and documentation but it's not clear to me exactly what relp_software=librelp,1.2.0 means exactly. Is that a negotiated version of RELP, or is it the version of RELP in use on the system in debug mode?

Infrastructure details
I have a two tiered rsyslog infrastructure, so my front-end rsyslog machines receive logs directly from clients via UDP, TCP w/TLS, TCP w/o TLS, RELP, etc. They then do some cleaning and sends the logs, formatted as JSON, to my second tier rsyslog server via RELP. This is the connection where I'm currently having an issue.
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