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Receive message from different network

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Receive message from different network

Postby raven_70 » Thu May 29, 2014 2:56 pm


I installed and configured a Cenots Server with MySQL, rsyslog and loganalyzer to collect and analyze log message from my CISCO Catalyst switch and router. All seems working fine but I have a problem:
I have almost all device under a network, with an IP address, let say and two CISCO Catalyst under another network, let say The issue is that the loganalyzer Centos server under network can't receive message from the 2 Catalyst on network Catalyst config are the same for all devices and other switch under works fine and send their logs. Between the networks there is a CISCO Router, no firewall and no WAN link. I think that there is something wrong on router config that do not forward log message
have you any idea to help me ?


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