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Purging data on a group restricted source fails

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Purging data on a group restricted source fails

Postby jervine » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:15 am

I have set up several sources in loganalyzer and would like to, for example, purge records older than a week. Using the cron scripts works well for all but one of data sources, and it returns an error:
php maintenance.php cleandata 6 olderthan 2419200
Num. Facility . Debug Message

Critical Error occured - Errordetails:
Logstream Source with ID '6' could not be found in the Database!

Terminating now!

The log source that matches ID 6 is restricted within loganalyzer to a specific group, however when I remove that restriction the maintenance.php script runs fine against it. Why does restricting to a group prevent the maintenance script from running?

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