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Problem in executing PsExec.exe

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Problem in executing PsExec.exe

Postby rietiz » Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:23 am

PsExec.exe is a executable file that allows the remote execution of processes on other systems.
There is a freeware version.

I use WinSyslog to start a batch file which consists this external program - PsExec.exe to call notepad.exe on a remote system specified by the IP address in the local network.

Inside the batch file:
PsExec.exe -i -d \\serverIP -u UserID -p Password notepad.exe Test

It resulted in unable to establish connection to the severIP, whereas it is working well when the batch file is executed without using WinSyslog.
Anyone had tried to start PsExec.exe using WinSyslog before?
I wondering is there any parameter/setting to be set for WinSyslog in order for external program(PsExec.exe) to work.

Hope someone could advise me on this issue. Thank you
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Re: Problem in executing PsExec.exe

Postby alorbach » Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:13 am

By default the WinSyslog Service runs as local system account. And the local system account never has remote network access. So you need to go to the services configuration panel of windows, and configure the WinSyslog Service to run with a user account that has sufficient rights on the remote machine.

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Andre Lorbach
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