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it's Broke!

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it's Broke!

Postby javstech » Mon Aug 25, 2003 7:51 pm

well, after reading all posts i could find about the topics and trying everything i could(even reinstalling MySQL and all my adiscon products) i'm turning to the forum.

problem: it's broke!
symptoms: everything was working fine until one day we noticed that the report was saying there were no logs for the time interval, specifyong to check my DSN's, etc, after rebuilding everything, i can verify that all my data from winsyslog is going into my MySQL database, however,it will not reach monilog for some reason, all my servers and datasources are configured to work with monilog(via magic button action). now i'm getting a dialog box with the dreaded error 9 description: monilog::Analyze called exit().

i'm kinda at my whit's end here on this one since everything was working fine, all that changed(albeit 4 days prior) was that we bought our licenses.

let me know what other info you need, everything is latest version

Postby agrigorof » Mon Aug 25, 2003 8:30 pm

This indicates that MoniLog cannot parse the log content (the format is not one recognized). Can you send us the debug.log file? Also, if possible, a sample of the data that is recorded in mySql?
You can send them to

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