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Bugs and not so nice checks

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Bugs and not so nice checks

Postby Guest » Thu May 22, 2003 1:47 pm

I installed this Applicaion first time to test it. The first thing i looked for was the design.
There was some things i think to change:

The Main-Window:
The Main-Window looks like a dialog. Start the Window in Fullscreen
The Borders are to big! Please Use a not so large border!
I look at the Selection Combobox. Write the Caption over the Combobox and give the box the same width like the grid.
Set the free space between cbo and grid smaler.
If i resize the window the elements overwrite the other elements. Set a maximum hight and width vor the dialog.
Delete the three Buttons and let the user navigat with a Toolbar or shortcuts or over the menue. Never Use in a Mainwindow Buttons!
If you don't delet the Buttons delete the Ok button and set the size of cmdNewMainTicket and cmdRefresh to the same size.

let the User-Lable not on the same top of the buttons! Putt it over the buttons and direktly under the grid.
Dont give the Lable a flat-style.

If i left-click on the grid-entry i becom the edit-cursor and the entry will be selected. But i can't edit. change the cursor!
If i first left-click and then right-click i don't became the contextmenue i need.

The Maintenace of Custumers-Window:
This window is a dialog! No rezise, no maximise, no minimize!
Don't use OK,Apply, Cancel. only use OK and Cancel or Apply and Cancel.

The Maintenace of Employers-Window:
Same things like Maintenace of Custumers-Window.

The Ticket-Detail-Window:
Use Dialog. Not resize not maximize not minimize!
The Textfield of Problem and Solution overwrite the toolbars.
Scrollbars are hidden
Set the caption-labels of this tow fields over them, not to the left. Give the to fields the same width like the "Work Unit" field.

I will look for more things and will write this!

Jens Patrick Broyer

Postby alorbach » Thu May 22, 2003 3:11 pm

Hi Patrick,

thanks for your comments.
Because of the short beta period which is currently running, it will be possible to change that much.

But we highly recommend your feedback and will see what we can improve in WinHelpDesk.
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