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Working with Kiwi Syslog

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Working with Kiwi Syslog

Postby Confused » Fri Apr 25, 2003 3:32 pm

Trying to use the Monilog software to read logs created by Kiwi Syslog with no success. General tab shows option to select Kiwi as server type but no option for naming conventions. Attempt to mimic Winsyslog naming convention failed. What settings are required to allow reading of Kiwi logs?

Side Notes:
Why isn't there a button on the main toolbar to analyze the data without having to open the profile first? And why aren't there options to select multiple syslog sources and types and associate them with individual profiles?

Kiwi Syslogs

Postby agrigorof » Mon Apr 28, 2003 2:48 pm

Kiwi can use a similar naming convention as WinSyslog: log_prefix-yyyy-mm-dd.log. Let's say you configured it to be like: kiwi-2003-04-26.log. In this case the Monilog settings should be as follows (see the General tab on the configuration interface):

Log prefix: kiwi
Logfile naming: Winsyslog naming convention (log_prefix-yyyy-mm-dd.log)
Select Syslog server type: Kiwi Enterprise syslog

(the other settings are not relevant to this issue)

For your particular case, here are few questions that may help us identify the problem:
- you mentioned that the attempt to mimic WinSyslog naming failed. Does this mean that you couldn't configure Kiwi to use a similar naming convention? Or you did configure it but still Monilog won't work?
- what error message do you get when you try to create a report?
- would it be possible to send us a sample of the Kiwi log (with the exact name that you use)? Email it as an attachment to
- Monilog creates a debug.log file (on the location configured for the reports). Can you email that too to Adiscon support?

Regarding the side note, we are working on a new version of MoniLog that will address these issues.


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