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Reinstating a completley failed server

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Reinstating a completley failed server

Postby EBrant » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:23 pm

our servers are have been moved from the standard OU of OU=Computers to a new OU we will call it OU=Servers,OU=MainSite,DC=XXX

now when a server (non DC) completely fails i.e. site blows up. The docs say setup a new server but first of all install into a workgroup and not the domain. Then go into AD Users and Computers and find the failed server i.e. CN=Server1,CN=Servers,CN=MainSite,DC=XXX

and right click it and chose Reset Account

then go back to the server you just created and put into put into the domain by going to properties of my computer, name, change then add to the domain.

I know you can chnage the default container into which Users and Computers will be created however this is no good as we have a dozon such containers, not a default one.

Question is this:
When puting the server into the domain will it go straight into the OU=Computers container? and if so how do I move it to the right container if an AD object with of that class and name already exisits in that container, i.e. the one I just right clicked and said Reset Account. Or will it just work anyway as I said Reset Account?

Thanks very much, can you please email me at
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