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Another File Monitor Question

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Another File Monitor Question

Postby kkeppler » Sat Apr 28, 2007 1:16 am

We currently have a new production environment setup that has production application products logging to a set of directories multiple levels deep. The files under each directory platform are either csv or txt. I am trying to forward this data over to another server, however, monitorware refuses to read the data in each directory unless it is at the end of a directory.

For example:
suppose we have a directory tree -

If I tell Monitorware to look under D:\logs\* it will not read any data
If I tell Monitorware to look under D:\logs\app1\data, it may\may not read the data, depending on the file type, the names of the files (whether or not there is an escape character nicely matching the log file type).

Can anyone please shed some light if they have any experience configuring the file monitor with multiple files and directories under one root directory? Also, whether or not monitorware is capable of handling new data files once they appear. Reading their documentation it appears that it can if the file can be deciphered as a %Y%m%d log rotated file type.

Thanks much!
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Re: Another File Monitor Question

Postby mmeckelein » Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:03 am

Unfortunately MonitorWare is currently not able to read subdirectories. I have forward this feature request to our development.

This means you have to configure a FileMonitor for each subdirectory. For example you want to monitor the whole D:\logs\app1\data, set up a FileMonitor using
Code: Select all

as 'File and path name'. Do not forget to enable 'Allow Directories or read multiple files' and 'Use Wildcard in Filename'.

Also, whether or not monitorware is capable of handling new data files once they appear.

The above approach is checking for new data.

Best regards,
Michael Meckelein
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