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Winlogon error: pc blocked

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Winlogon error: pc blocked

Postby joshi » Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:23 pm

I know this is forum for win 2000 at least, bu I'm really not able to find out a solution and i would appreciate any advise.

My pc win 98 just after the reboot when the desktop is appearing says
"Winlogon error" in a modal windows and blocks the pc. There is no way to close this windows nor to do ctrl+Canc+del because also the keybord seems disabled.

It's a virus ?
I can only start in "temporary mode " the pc.
The IE is 60, the antivirus on board is Antivir.

I would like to reinstall over the Win98 operating system but when the pc is in temporary modality it doesn't see the CD-ROm.

What I can do ?

thank in advance
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