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app-name not compliant with rfc 5424 ?

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app-name not compliant with rfc 5424 ?

Postby Themixeur » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi !

So I've been trying to make somethign work and I'm hiting a brick wall every time.

I'm using this
Code: Select all
template (name="customPgParser" type="string" option.stdsql="on"
        string="INSERT INTO systemevents ( facility, severity, fromhostip, version, hostname,receivedat, devicereportedtime, appname, procid, msgid, message, structureddata) VALUES ( '%syslogfacility%', '%syslogseverity%', '%fromhost-ip%', '%protocol-version%', '%hostname%', '%timegenerated:::date-rfc3339%', '%timereported:::date-rfc3339%','%app-name%', '%procid%', '%msgid%', '%msg%', '%structured-data%' )"

It's supposed to redirect messages into a postgresql database.

And it works great with one caveat, every message with an app-name greater tahn 32 character is dismissed.

The RFC 5424 however states that messages with app-name greater than 48 characters should have the app-name truncated but the message kept.

SO my question is the following, am I making a beginner mistake or is rsyslog not following the rfc5424 when using a postgresql ?

thank you for your attention
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