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Rate limiting issue

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Rate limiting issue

Postby alexmoen » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:27 pm

I am running an ISC DHCP server for an ISP. According to the DHCPd leases file, we are issuing between 20 and 40 leases per second. We are running CentOS 7, with rsyslogd version 7.4.7, which is the most current in the CentOS repository.

The problem we are having is with the DHCPd log file. We are experiencing problems getting all of the logs created by DHCPd into the file. Originally, I noticed that we were writing 5 seconds worth of logs, then nothing for 25 seconds, then a repeat, giving us only about 10 seconds worth of logs per minute.

I began digging into this issue, and found a few things. The changes I have made so far are:

$SystemLogRateLimitInterval 0
$IMUXSockRateLimitInterval 0


which, according to my research, should have disabled any and all log limiting. I looked into the However, I am still getting the following messages in /var/log/messages:

imjournal: 74334 messages lost due to rate-limiting
imjournal: begin to drop messages due to rate-limiting

so obviously I do not have the total solution, and the situation is even worse, because now I am not getting any DHCPd logs for minutes at a time. Also, I have searched for this exact phrasing on, and the ONLY reference returned was for 8.1.6 [devel]. Nothing in these forums at all.

What am I missing, and how do I fix this? All I want is for syslog to work as it used to...
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Re: Rate limiting issue

Postby alexmoen » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:34 pm

Sorry, this is in the wrong section... I will recreate it in the "configuration" rather than the "windows agent" section.

This is where the link on took me; I didn't look deep enough into the forum to realize that I was in the wrong section.

The webmaster for should probably fix the link so that it lands on the main page, with all of the sections in it, like rsyslog-f40.html.
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