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Configuring RSyslog-service without using registry

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Configuring RSyslog-service without using registry

Postby joyZombie » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:54 am


I want to use RSyslog as a service without any user-interaction. I've done it successfully with one constraint.
Currently, its using Windows-Registry for all its configuration parameters.
I need to know a way to use a config-file instead and use registry for very basic and static things like, path of config-file on disk.
So, is there any way to use a config-file stored at disk to maintain all configuration parameters ?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Configuring RSyslog-service without using registry

Postby rjcuk » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:32 pm

Hi Joy,

(I'm just another user by the way)

As far as I'm aware, Rsyslog only runs by having the complete configuration set inside the registry. That allows the windows service to run as a lightweight program without the need for any outside interaction or dependency on any files (just the O.S. itself), and accessing the registry is a lot faster than locking onto a file on the disk, parsing it and loading it into memory. I believe other Syslog programs use the same method - Snare for Windows does the same thing.

If such a program did take a config file as the input, all it would be doing is actually then importing it into the registry - but it leaves the question, what does it do after you close or shutdown the program? Should it revert to what was in the registry before, should it keep it, or should it erase it? What you could do is just do your exports as registry files, and then when you want to start the service, set a 'pre' action in Services manager to call a batch file that will silently import the registry file.

I doubt the developer would change this as it would be a fundamental change to the way the configuration is handled.

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Re: Configuring RSyslog-service without using registry

Postby alorbach » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:07 am

Actually since rsyslog windows agent 3.0, we do support file based configuration.
In the configuration client go to the Options Menu and then to "Config Access". Now switch to the "Load configuration from File" option and follow the instructions after you hit ok. Read carefully because it will ask you if you want to import the configuration from the registry into the configuration file.

After the next restart, the Service will run from the file based configuration file. It will store it's status variables into data files (Created in the configured Data Directory).

best regards,
Andre Lorbach
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