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Start Script Hangs, rsyslog 8.2.1 & centos 5.4

Everything related with getting rsyslog up and running (but not beyond that point ;))

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Start Script Hangs, rsyslog 8.2.1 & centos 5.4

Postby technick » Wed May 21, 2014 11:00 pm

I am having a problem where the /etc/init.d/rsyslog script hangs on start up. I can <ctrl> c and break out of the startup script and rsyslog is running correctly. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I have put a bandaid on the startup script for the time being but would like to know if there is a better solution.

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rsyslogd 8.2.1, compiled with:
        FEATURE_REGEXP:                         Yes
        FEATURE_LARGEFILE:                      No
        GSSAPI Kerberos 5 support:              No
        FEATURE_DEBUG (debug build, slow code): No
        32bit Atomic operations supported:      Yes
        64bit Atomic operations supported:      Yes
        memory allocator:                       jemalloc
        Runtime Instrumentation (slow code):    No
        uuid support:                           No
        Number of Bits in RainerScript integers: 32 (due to too-old json-c lib)

init script.
I added the & at the end of the exec line to make it keep going thru the start script.

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start() {
        [ -x $exec ] || exit 5

        umask 077

        echo -n $"Starting system logger: "
        daemon --pidfile="${PIDFILE}" $exec -i "${PIDFILE}" $SYSLOGD_OPTIONS&
        [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] && touch $lockfile
        return $RETVAL
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