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Guardtime log signature doesn't verify/dumps errors

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Guardtime log signature doesn't verify/dumps errors

Postby mkrutz » Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:31 pm

I've installed rsyslog version 7.6.0 and built with the options to get both guardtime and the user tools configured and installed. My /etc/rsyslog.conf entry looks like
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action(type="omfile" file="/var/log/local2.log" sig.provider="gt"

I'm successfully generating log messages clearly visible in /var/log/local2.log. I also see a local2.gtsig and local2.gtstate file, right where I'd expect them (/var/log). To make sure the gtsig file is complete, I do a 'killall -HUP rsyslogd' to make sure it closes the file it has been writing to for the signature.

For my particular test, local2.log is no longer being written to when I do the HUP signal, and it's not being written to while I verify. However, when I run: 'rsgtutil -t /var/log/local2.log', I get the following errors:

/var/log/local2.log.gtsig[1:1989:1989]: error[17]: RFC3161 timestamp invalid
Block Start Record.: 'Mar 19 14:11:57 localhost.localdomain [] Logger started'
Record in Question.: 'Mar 19 14:12:37 localhost.localdomain [Thread-5] testapp 2014-03-19 14:12:37: MODIFIED: /home/guest/DEMO/javadoc/resources/inherit.gif.gtsig'
Publication Server.:
GT Verify Timestamp: [517]Invalid signature
error 17 (RFC3161 timestamp invalid) 4 processing file /var/log/local2.log

I am unsure why this signature is not verifying correctly. This is about as basic a test for signing logs as I could come up with. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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