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EventReporter 13.1 Build 366 RB - Updated 2013-09-23

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EventReporter 13.1 Build 366 RB - Updated 2013-09-23

Postby alorbach » Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:45 pm


The Rolling Beta program is again open, features and bugfixes will be added continuously. The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes.
Feel free to test this new rolling beta version, if you are experiencing any problems, kindly let us know via support email ( or this forum.

:arrow: Download of the rolling beta
:arrow: EventReporter 13.1 Rolling Beta Manual

Below the change since version 13.0:

:!: 2013-09-23 / build 366
:arrow: Features
- Added support for Remote EventLog Monitoring in EventLog Monitor V2.
In order to work, make sure that the following requirements on the remote machine are met:
1. The Service is configured to run with a administrative user who has rights on the local and remote machine.
2. The Windows Event Collector Service is enabled and running on the remote machine.
3. The Firewall on the remote machine (if enabled) allows access to Remote Event Log Management.
4. The configured User is member of the "Event Log Readers" group on the remote machine.
- Updated librelp library to last v1 stable version 1.0.7.

:arrow: Bugfixes
- File Action: Added file segmentation support for files above 2gb,
- File Action: File Size checking is now done before writing into files, this avoids writing into files that already reached their limits.

:!: 2013-02-27 / build 365
:arrow: Features
- Send Email Action: Added support for SHIFT-JIS, JIS and EUC-JP encoded subjects.

:!: 2013-02-26 / build 364
:arrow: Features
- Send Email Action: Support for UTF8 Encoding in Mail subject has been added.
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