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Host and syslogtag field report month and day?

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Host and syslogtag field report month and day?

Postby tbadawy » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:14 pm

Hi I'm logging syslog messages from an ASA but the HOST and SYSLOGTAG fields in the loganalyzer webpage show as Month and Day ie Sept(host) 19(syslogtag). If I tell the ASA to use emblem format the hostname is right but the syslogtag is jut a :. I get the message which is the important part but I need the host name and cant use emblem format from the ASA when using TCP and I don't want to use UDP. Also I have have tried templates found on the forum but cant get them to work. I dont get any messages when trying to use a template. I will give an example of the template and how I apply it:
$template cisco,"insert into SystemEvents (Message, Facility, FromHost, Priority, DeviceReportedTime, ReceivedAt, InfoUnitID, SysLogTag) values ('%msg%', %syslogfacility%, '%HOSTNAME%', %syslogpriority%, '%timereported:::date-mysql%', '%timegenerated:::date-mysql%', %iut%, '%syslogtag%')",SQL
*.* :ommysql:,Syslog,rsyslog,password;cisco
Any sugestions on how to correct this and why templates don't work for me??
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