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MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta Available - Come and get it

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MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta Available - Come and get it

Postby tsiddique » Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:16 am

Hi all,

MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta is released :)! New enhancements are offered in this build. The production build would be available soon.

Of course, we highly appreciate your help with the Beta program. Everyone is invited to participate. Also, if you would like to see a feature inside MonitorWare Console, just let us know. Maybe it is easy to implement. Some of the features included in the Beta version are listed down below:

New Features:
- HeartBeat Monitor View:
New view identified and added that can help you in monitoring heart beats sent by various machines to the central database.
- Context Sensitive Help: Context Sensitive Help has been added on all forms.
- Application sizes: are stored in Registry now instead of database.

New Filter Engine:
- New enhanced filter form:
Much more powerful than the previous one. With this filter form you have the option of applying filters to infinite levels of ANDs, ORs and NOTs.

- PIX report by Severity Level:
New Report added that displays the pix messages by their severity level.
- Dictionary Attack Report: New parameters are added to Dictionary Attack Report (like the account with which the attempts were made etc) which make it more meaningful.

Bug Fixes:
- Password field in Database tab in the filter form:
Password was shown in clear text in the Database tab in the filter form. This bug is removed now.
- Discover Devices: Bug removed from Discover Devices Form.
- Backup/retrieval: Bug during Backup / Retrieval has been removed.
- Minor Bugs Removed: Other minor bugs removed.

Information and support on MonitorWare Agent is available at our forum (at the URL's mentioned below) as well as via our other support systems.

You can Download the current MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta.

The online manual of MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta is also availabe. You can have a look into the Manual as well.

Thank you for your interest,
Tamsila Siddique.
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