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blank screen

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blank screen

Postby ekgmko6s » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:54 pm

Hi all,
after installing LogAnalyzer with two different methods (unpack tar & Debian package), I still have the same result: an blank screen???

The complete configuration process went through, the config.php file is writable and I'm able to specify a dedicated logfile to view. But direct after online configuration it tries to load the viewer and never came back. This even happens on very small (8kB) logfiles and it causes high CPU load by the "php" and "apache2" process
Maybe this is a timeout problem due to the slow controller (an embedded ARM with 400MHz), have anything to do with the non Intel architecture or is caused by the lack of any SQL database??
I see no log in the messages file and no other output.

Anybody having an idea what this can be?

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Re: blank screen

Postby alorbach » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:45 pm

You should take a look into the error logfile from your apache webserver, or enable showing error's in your php.ini. I am pretty sure some error occurs which is not displayed but logged somewhere.

best regards,
Andre Lorbach

PS: I run loganalyzer on an embedded system myself, but 1 GHZ Armv5 system with Debian Squeeze installed, it is not the fastest system, but Loganalyzer is useable.
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