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Windows 2003 DNS Server Problems Event ID 708

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Windows 2003 DNS Server Problems Event ID 708

Postby bgbearcatfan » Mon Oct 02, 2006 5:36 am

I could use some assistance!

I recently setup a windows 2003 dns server, and having 1 issue. First, i will tell you what works.

My linksys router is set to give all dhcp users my dns server address of Once the dhcp user gets that dns server ip address, they can successfully get out to internal, and external webpages correctly, so i know that it is resolving domain names to ip addresses.

When i create static host entries, within my forward lookup zone, for my internal servers (new host (a) records), i am able to ping the server by the fqdn, and also able to do nslookups on the domain name and ip address.

Now for whats not working..

Dynamic Updates..

For some reason, i can't get my dhcp users to register with the dns server, and i have no clue why. In the even id i get an error with even id: 708.

The DNS server did not detect any zones of either primary or secondary type during intializaiton. It will not be authoritative for any zones, and it will run as a caching-only server until a zone is loaded manually or by active directory replication.

I have a forward and rever zone create for my internal lan, so i can't make much sense of this.

Can anyone please help me..
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Re: Windows 2003 DNS Server Problems Event ID 708

Postby tunaleya » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:25 am

What is the primary and secondary dns and how to find it? Im really confused ive been looking for my primary and secondary DNS for ages and still cant find it if you know please explain to me in a simple way thank you.
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