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Monilog 2.0140 with Monitorware Agent 2.0390 using SETP

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Monilog 2.0140 with Monitorware Agent 2.0390 using SETP

Postby bernard-ireland » Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:30 pm


(We are a reseller for Monitorware products..good product)

I had Monitorware (previous version) and Monilog (current in trial version) two days ago. When I updated to the 2.0390 version of Monitorware I started getting the following problems:

The logs for the selected time interval do not exist. Check the following:
- the configured logs location (dsn=DSN; uid=UID; pwd=PASSWORD) is correct
Yes they are. It is logging to a SQLServer. I test them using ODBC connection admin and they work.

- the account used to run MoniLog has full rights to the logs location
the account used to run MoniLog is an admin account for running Monilog ONLY
- the logs' prefix (WinSyslog) is correct and there are files in the logs location for the selected date
I am presuming this relates to the logs on the machines that are being syslogged via SETP? If that is the case, then yes there are logs.
Or is it related to the SQLServer where they are all logging to?

Any ideas? I looked for specific information in the forums about this problem, but could find anything related.

Also, is it possible to have more than one version of MonitorWare running together? Also is it possible to have registered version and trial versions of software running together?

Thats the only difference I can see.

thanks in advance,

Postby agrigorof » Fri Mar 26, 2004 6:17 pm

My best guess is that the database is not in the format expected by MoniLog.

What type of database do you use for the logs? The MoniLog debug file (debug.log) should contain the SQL statement used to retrieve the logs. If you have the ability to query the database manually, run that SQL statement against it and see if it return any results.

Adrian Grigorof
MoniLog Co-Developer

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