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Officially supported Databases

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Officially supported Databases

Postby rgerhards » Fri Feb 28, 2003 5:56 pm

MonitorWare Console uses ODBC to connect to its database. As such, it can work with almost any database as long as the database owner has managed to create a good enough schema.

However, we officially support these three

- Microsoft Jet (aka Access)
- Microsoft SQL Server

Please note that Jet should be limited to either test installations or very small ones. We especially do not recommend to access a Jet-based database over the network.

Other database engines are not even tested. If you try one and run into problems, let us know. We do not promise we will be able to fix it, but we will at least try. We need to limit the officially supported databases to the three above because we obviously have only limited resources to support all those databases out there ... we prefer to use our resources to add more cool features to the core product ;).

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