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PocketPasswords 2.0.1543 Beta | Come and get it

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PocketPasswords 2.0.1543 Beta | Come and get it

Postby alorbach » Tue Mar 23, 2004 6:45 pm

Ok folks it has been quiet a while since the last update on the development of PocketPasswords 2.0.
But finally after all this month of waiting, there is the first beta version ready ;).
PocketPasswords 2.0 has been completely rewritten by using the Compact Framework.

First of all here is a little screenshot teaser :)


Here is a list of new features and changes:

- Sorting (!!!) ;) - You can now sort an group of entries ( a whole category ) either ascending or descending.
- Implemented real 128 bit encryption. Your data will now encrypted with a real 128 Bit key generated out of your password. Note that the encryption can now be disabled and enabled to any time. If you disable encryption, the login dialog will not be used anymore when you start PocketPasswords.
- Categories can now be defined dynamically. Future Version of PocketPasswords will include a category editor. At the moment, categories can only be added manually by editing the new xml files of PocketPasswords.
- Added new category "Software keys" which is basically designed to store License keys of Software you bought.
- Faster loading and saving of data (Users with many entries will experience a much faster PocketPasswords now).
- Line breaks in Description field are now allowed.
- Delete - Entries can now be deleted from the Treeview. You don't need to open them first anymore.
- Import - PocketPasswords 2.0 contains a function to import all your data from PocketPasswords 1.0

How data is stored:
PocketPasswords now uses XML files to store it's data. Instead to PocketPasswords 1.0, there is one file for each category (which helps to increase the save and load speed). These files are unreadable for you usually, because they are encrypted. But if you disable encryption, you are able to read and edit them. WARNING! Do not edit these files unless you know what you are doing. An error in this files can cause unexpected results within PocketPasswords.

Install PocketPasswords 2.0

As PocketPasswords is based on the Microsoft Compact Framework, you will need to make sure that this is installed first. The current setup of PocketPasswords 2.0 does not contain the Compact Framework because of it's size (2-3 megs).

PocketPC 2000 & 2002:
If you have a device with such a Windows version, you may need to install the compact Framework first if it is not already.
You can download the latest version from the following location: ... laylang=en

PocketPC 2003:
Nothing special needed, this Windows Version already has the compact Framework installed.

Get PocketPasswords 2.0 Beta:
You can download the PocketPasswords 2.0 Beta setup from the following location:

Update from PocketPasswords 1.0.x:
Updating is very simply, kindly install Pocket Passwords 2.0 over your existing installation.
On first startup you will be asked for to enter a new password and to import your old password data.

Fresh install of PocketPasswords 2.0 beta:
Kindly install the setup and follow the instructions during first startup.

Do I need a new license key?:
Yes PocketPasswords 2.0 will need a new license key. If you have bought Upgrade Insurance, kindly send an email to including your Upgrade Insurance ID. Then you will get a new license key by email. In any case you will get a new 30 days trial time for PocketPasswords 2.0.
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