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NewsMerge 2.2 (Build 511) Rolling beta - come and get it...

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NewsMerge 2.2 (Build 511) Rolling beta - come and get it...

Postby alorbach » Fri Feb 21, 2003 10:50 am


if you are experiencing any problems with NewsMerge, I recommend that you try the current rolling beta version of NewsMerge.

Download it from this link:

Below the change since version 2.1 SP1:
2004-03-16 / build 511
- Fixed a bug in the Issue Edit View. When the selected view were the HTML Editview,
and you tried saving an issue, you might became an Automation failed error and
NewsMerge crashed. This error has been fixed now.

2004-01-30 / build 510
- Fixed the 2xMailCheck Click Bug. When using the ms access database, it could happen
that the subscription emails were not send during the same check,
but in the next Mailcheck. This has been fixed now, the subscription emails will
be processed within the same check now.

2004-01-19 / build 508
- Fixed a bug in the POP3 Fetching engine. Emails with a longer subject then 100 characters
caused an -2147217887 ADO Error. This has been fixed now, subjects longer then 100
characters are truncated now.

2003-09-10 / build 507
- Fixed two bugs in the POP3 Fetching engine. Some emails can contain seldom special characters. These characters caused error's like "invalid pattern string" when new emails were received NewsMerge.
- Minor other bugfixes

How to update from NewsMerge 2.1:

- make backup copies of your current installation
- make an additional backup copy of your database ;-)
- unzip all files
- copy them to the NewsMerge program directory
- have fun...
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