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Newbie questions

Questions around SyslogAppliance, the virtual logging appliance.

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Newbie questions

Postby sddawson » Sun Apr 05, 2009 12:19 pm

I'd love to get some help getting started with this appliance. I do have it up and running. So far, I have the following questions:

I need to send an email when messages from my router contain certain text. For instance, I'd like to send one when my Internet connection comes up. I found the following in the documentation:

$ModLoad ommail
$template mailSubject,"disk problem on %hostname%"
$template mailBody,"RSYSLOG Alert\r\nmsg='%msg%'"
$ActionMailSubject mailSubject
# make sure we receive a mail only once in six
# hours (21,600 seconds ;))
$ActionExecOnlyOnceEveryInterval 21600
# the if ... then ... mailBody mus be on one line!
if $msg contains 'hard disk fatal failure' then :ommail:;mailBody

Does this just go in rsyslog.conf?

I'd also like to send an email if messages start arriving from my router at faster then a pre-determined rate, as a warning that something untoward is happening. No idea how to do this!

Lastly (so far!), is there a way of "fixing" the IP address that Vmware allocates to the appliance, so that I can plug that into my router?

Hope someone can help. Thanks.
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