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MWConsole 3.0 (Build 2459) Rolling beta - Updated 2006-09-25

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MWConsole 3.0 (Build 2459) Rolling beta - Updated 2006-09-25

Postby alorbach » Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:08 pm

NOTE: MonitorWare Console 3.0 Final was released.


as we have done for other products before, we are opening our Rolling Beta program for MonitorWare Console. Features and bugfixes will be added continuously. The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes. Feel free to test this new rolling beta version, if you are experiencing any problems, kindly let us know via support email ( or this forum.

Download of the Rolling beta

This version of MonitorWare Console is an early preview. It offers an extensively redesigned reporting module. While we are sure to have included some really cool features, we also know for sure that we have included some really uncool exceptions. Please use this version with care. Do NOT replace your production version with it. The primary purpose of this version is to provide an early view of what's "brewing" - and to gather your feedback on the new reporting.

We are most interested in your feedback on the reporting modul. Especially in generating reports using the crystal report feature. Also note that there is a new report called "UserActivities" is available.

In order to get these reports working, you have to define at least one new data source. These reports do no longer use the MonitorWare database by default. Add new data sources via the File -> New -> Data Source menu options. A wizard will guide you through the steps. You can also use the "New" button at the report's detail form to start the wizard.

When you work with the reports, you might want to try out
:arrow: Multiple Data Sources: Reports can process data from multiple data sources, e.g. from (multiple) textfiles and/or databases at the same time
:arrow: Crystal Reports support: Reports can be generated with the Crystal Reports engine. This allows to save reports in your preferred format like PDF or as Excel sheet. We also find they look much cooler.
:arrow: the new reporting engine is format independent. It includes a generic message parsing system. If you are a real system hack, you might want to try out defining your own parse maps. In theory, that should work. But documentation is sparse and the GUI not quite user friendly. Definitely recommended for the adventurous, only.

The following features currently do not work:
:arrow: databases other then Microsoft SQL and MS Access have not been tested and are likely to not work. Try that only if you are having a great day and would like to do something against it.
:arrow: Reports other than the few mentioned above do not have the crystal report feature enabled.
:arrow: Processing text files is elementary implemented, but there are no format definitions available. This means that it can not be used with the default setup (see above the point above the new format independence).

Note: This beta version of Console does not expire during the normal 30 day trial period. Even if console says that 0 days of trial are left, it still works anymore.

We appreciate your interest in MonitorWare Console. Feedback and bug reports are highly appreciated. Please send them to, mentioning that you are using the rolling beta version of MonitorWare Console.

Below the change since version 2.2:

:!: 2006-09-25 / build 2459
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- Reading from text files: Added wildcard and replacement character support for the parser. Now parsing text files with e.g. a timestamp in filename is possible.
- JobManager: If DatabaseConnection fails on startup, the MWJobManager Service will abort Start Operation.
- JobManager Profiles: Made the Profile Dialog a little bit more user friendly (tab order, shortcuts, visual improvements, verification checks).
- NeedleInAHaystack report: Added NTSeverity information to this report.
- Manual: Added shortcut to manual into Console's folder at windows start menu.
:arrow: Bugfixes
- It was not possible to save more than one report in .rpt format. This is fixed now.
- If an error occurs and the windows event log was full, an unhandled exception was thrown. This is fixed now.
- Fixed: Change multiple JM Profiles at the same time does not work properly
- Fixed: Time was not set correctly in some cases for a JM Profile.
- Fixed: Saving JM Profiles case an exception in some cases.
- Bug Fixed which was introduced during beta: JM generates report with for a wrong time period in some cases.

:!: 2006-09-18 / build 2449
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- External ReportViewer: In order to view rpt files and zpt (zipped report format) files an External ReportViewer was introduced. The ReportViewer can be installed as stand-alone program if necessary. This is usefull if you want to view reports saved in rpt or zpt format on machines where MonitorWare Console is not installed.
- Manual updated: Some new features are described in the manual now. But to be honest there are still some undocumented improvements left.
- Added new Export Handling for Reports with Subreports: Reports with so called included "Subreports" can now be exported to rpt (actually zpt) format without loosing information provided by the Subreport. rpt and zpt files can be viewed by the External ReportViewer.
- System Status Report: Some minor improvements in the System Status Report.

:!: 2006-09-08 / build 2442
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- Job Manager: Now reports which use the new parser / crystal reporting feature can be scheduled by Job Manager.
- New Report: Introduce of "UserActivities" report. This report tracks down user activities in a windows environment.
- AccessedWebSitesReport enhanced: Besides the Top Accessed Websites it illustrates now Top Access by Source, too. Also there is more detail information included.
- Debug option: Enhanced debug options. Job Manager has its own debug options now.

:!: 2006-08-31 / build 2433
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- SummaryBySeverityLevel (with crystal report support)
- PossibleAttacks (with crystal report support)
- LogOnLogOff (with crystal report support)
- LastLogOn (with crystal report support)
- VPNSuccessfulSessions (with crystal report support)
- VPNLogonFailures (with crystal report support)
- VPNLockedAccounts (with crystal report support)
- Removed WhoIsAttackingMe as it was identical to the BlockedPortsActivity Report
:arrow: Bugfixes
- Report Generation Form was not hidden in all cases
- Fixed an issue in the db updater
- Fixed: Deleting a device via the left tree view menu item for deleting a device takes no effect.
- View: Bug fixed in NT service monitor view. While trying to drill down into the NT ServiceMonitor Details for individual computers an exception occurred.
- Fixed: In the left tree view menu, if you clicked a saved report nothing happened. Now, the report dialog for this saved report opens.
- added key/templates for RAW PIX format (text file)
- Fixed: creating a ntseverity filter caused an exception in some cases

:!: 2006-08-21 / build 2424
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- Ported to .NET Framework 2.0: In order to use the great advantages of .NET Framework 2.0, MonitorWare Console now uses the new framework.
- Report module: Added new parser support to the following reports:
- TrafficByHour (with crystal report support)
- TrafficByPort (with crystal report support)
- TrafficByTargetIP (with crystal report support)
- SummaryByMessageType (with crystal report support)
- SummaryBySeverityLevel
- PossibleAttacks
- LogOnLogOff
- LastLogOn
- All VPN reports
- Reporting engine
- Support for detail properties table was implemented in the parser mechanism.
- Supports MS Access now.
- Data Sources: Data sources are now editable. Deleting feature is also available now.
:arrow: Bugfixes
- Format Wizard: Fixed a bug introduced in beta build 2393. No semantic object was available by choosing "add a new key".
- Splash screen: Removed transparent bug.

:!: 2006-07-21 / build 2393
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- Debug Option: Debug logging is configurable now. Console use a new debug mechanism with different debug levels available. To configure it browse to General Options.
- Report module: AccessedWebSitesReport and BlockedPortsActivity use the new parser mechanism now.
- Exception Handler: Improved exception handling.
:arrow: Bugfixes
- Report module: Open a generated report in a format which is not associated to an application caused an exception. This is fixed now.
- Startup wizard: Changing connection data could caused an exception. This is fixed now.

:!: 2006-07-13 / build 2383
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- Initial Rolling Beta: Many new major and minor features have been added.
:arrow: Bugfixes
- Initial Rolling Beta: No bugfixes yet.
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