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MWAgent 10.0 Build 442RB - Updated 2015-23-01

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MWAgent 10.0 Build 442RB - Updated 2015-23-01

Postby alorbach » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:33 am


The Rolling Beta program is again open, features and bugfixes will be added continuously. The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes.
Feel free to test this new rolling beta version, if you are experiencing any problems, kindly let us know via support email ( or this forum.

The most important changes in this major update are the following:
- Rewritten Configuration Client.
- Partitionally rewritten parts of the Core Engine of the MonitorWare Agent to increase overall performance.
- File based configuration support. Client and Agent can switch to a configfile.

Please note when so many things change at once, there are bugs to be expected. Please let us know when you experience any problems, this will help us finding and removing bugs.

-> Download of the rolling beta
-> MonitorWare Agent 10.0 Rolling Beta Manual

Below the change since version 9.1:

* 2015-23-01 / build 442
-> Features
- EventLog Action is now fully compativle with Windows 2012
- Added new property called "$NEWUUID" which generates a random generated 128Bit UUID (Universally Unique Identifiers). By creating a custom property, this can be used to build unique messages.

-> Bugfixes
- Fixed Bug in forward syslog action when using RFC3164 header and a percent character was unin the Syslog Message.
- various bugfixes in the new Client application
- Fixed some minor bugs with the new Filebase configuration loader.

* 2014-12-12 / build 441
-> Features
- EventLog Monitor Classic(V1): Support for dynamic Eventlog files added. Kindly use an asterix (*) in the eventlog filename to activate it, for example: \\netappdevice\c$\etc\log\adtlog.*.evt
When activated, EventLog Monitor will process all matching files automatically. The feature was primary added for NETAPP users who have dynamic filenames.
- File Action: Seqmented Files or Circular Logging now also works with dynamic filenames.

-> Bugfixes
- various bugfixes in the new Client application

* 2014-10-08 / build 440
-> Features

- New configuration Client.
- Core Engine partitionally rewritten.
- filebased configuration support added.
- lot's of minor tweaks
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