Multiple rulesets for one input

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Multiple rulesets for one input

Postby » Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:38 am

Hi all,

I am trying to configure Rsyslog with one listening port (UDP 514) for different types of devices. Some devices are Cisco routers and others are not. I know that Cisco devices are using different syslog message format. Therefore, I made a ruleset like below:

Code: Select all
parser(name="custom.ciscoios.withOrigin" type="pmciscoios" present.origin="on")
ruleset(name="ios" parser="custom.ciscoios.withOrigin") {
    action(type="omfile" file="/var/log/ciscoios")

input(type="imudp" port="514" ruleset="ios")

I believe the code above means that whatever Rsyslog receives via UDP 514, ios ruleset will be applied. If that is true, other non-cisco devices' syslog messages will also go through the ios ruleset and as a result the messages will be written into /var/log/ciscoios file. I want to avoid this. Is there any way to achieve this? Or is it not possible with only one listening port? Thank you.
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