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MonitorWare Console RC (Build 1.0.1259) - Come and get it

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MonitorWare Console RC (Build 1.0.1259) - Come and get it

Postby alorbach » Fri Jun 13, 2003 5:10 pm


today we announce a new version of MonitorWare Console.
This version has a complete new Reporting engine and 5 new reports.

New Report Engine
The new report engine allows MWConsole to load reports dynamically during start-up from report dll's. In short, it is high scaleable, reports are easy to update, and it is also possible to write your own reports (We will provide information about this at a later step).

All reports can use Style templates, a set of templates is provided with the default installation set. The templates are stylesheet and html based. So it is also easy to create your own templates, or to add your own html framework to the reports.

This report generates a html based report out of all events from the MWConsole database. It's performance is very good, during tests we generated a report out of 300000 records in about 2 minutes.
The SystemStatusReport does a lot of compression, so there are a lot of special filters you can configure. The result is shown in a Treeview based view, and each node in this Treeview can be expanded or collapsed.

This report creates an easy table view over all events in the database.

This report analyses the database especially for failed logins. It counts failed logins and checks if logins did succeed after failed ones.
The result is displayed in a simple table view.

This report gives you the last occurrences of the Logons by various users. It is based on the security event 528. The result is also shown in a simple table view.

This report simply gives you the sequence of Log on and/or Log Offs for specified inputs. It is also based on Event 528, and displays the result in table view.

Updating from older MWConsole Beta Version
In order to update, you just need to install the new setup over your existing installation.

FullSetup: (50 MB)
Includes dotnet Framework, MDAC 2.7, Crystal Reports and other dependecies)

Please read the information below before you install MWConsole

1. The setup will install the MW Console as well as a MS Access sample database which contains all needed values. A System DSN called MWDB is automatically created during installation, and also associated with the MW Console configuration.

2. There is a User table in the database which contains passwords and usernames. The user admin is predefined with the password pass for the current beta phase.

3. MW Console supports three types of databases at the moment, MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL. If you are interested in MySQL support, just let us know. We can provide additional scripts to create a MySQL database.

4. Need some data in the Database? I recommend to install at least one MW Agent 1.2 (for example on the same machine) configured with one Eventlog Monitor and with database logging to the MS Access database.
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