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MonitorWare Agent 11.1 Build 492 Beta - 2017-03-07

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MonitorWare Agent 11.1 Build 492 Beta - 2017-03-07

Postby alorbach » Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:17 pm


for the next minor version update of MonitorWare Agent, we have opened our beta program.
During this time, features and bugfixes will be added continuously. The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes.
Feel free to test this new beta version and please let us know if you are experiencing any problems.
This can be done by the forums or via support email (

-> Beta Installation Download
-> Beta Massrollout Files Download

Below the change since version 11.0:

* 2017-03-07 / build 492
-> Bugfixes
- SNMP Trap Receiver: Fixed handlingof SNMPv1 Enterprise traps. All properties are now properly set.
- SNMP Trap Receiver: Fixed shutdown of Service causing a problem when reloading configuration.
- Permitted Senders: Fixed loading of permitted senders issue caused by build 491.
- Configuration Reload: Fixed an issue not closing timed callbacks.

* 2017-02-22 / build 491
-> Bugfixes
- Configuration Reload: Fixed an issue in EventLog Monitor V2 causing the service to crash sometimes on configuration reload.

* 2017-02-21 / build 490
-> Features
- Configuration Reload: This is a big new core feature allowing the service to reload itself automatically after a configuration changed has been detected. The feature can be turned off in General-General Options if this new behaviour is not wanted. By default autoreload will be enabled. The latest Configuration Client is required for the feature to fully work.
- EventLog Monitor V1: Added new option to delay LastRecord save. Enabling this option will improve processing performance of machines with a high event volume.
- File Monitor: Added new option to delay LastFilePosition save. Enabling this option will improve processing performance when processing large growing files.

* 2017-02-15 / build 489
-> Features
- Prepared internal service code for upcoming configuration reload feature.

-> Bugfixes
- FileConfig: Fixed EnumRegkey emulation causing EventLog Monitor Services to load invalid eventlog channels.
- FileConfig: Fixed bug saving DWORDs into statefiles introduced by build 488.
- Debug Logging: Moved some noisy debug output into ultra verbose.
- Debug Logging: Moved RELP Debugging from minimal to internal
- FileMonitor: Fixed issue rewriting filepointer updates each time when wildcards support was enabled.

* 2017-02-08 / build 488
-> Bugfixes
- Fixed an compatibility issue on Windows 2003/XP (failed to start because WSAPoll API is missing).
- FileConfig: Fixed an issue with invalid linefeeds when using includefile directive.

* 2017-02-03 / build 487
-> Features
- Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2k.
- SNMP Receiver: Added new compressed format option. The final compressed format may change until release.
- EventLog Monitor V2: Added new options to delay LastRecord save. Enabling this option will improve processing performance of machines with a high event volume.

* 2017-01-26 / build 485
-> Features
- None so far...

-> Bugfixes
- Property Engine: Fixed SystemID and CustomerID properties.
- FileConfig: Due a missing property (FilterVersion), some of the global conditions in rule filters could not be used. This automatically fixes itself next time the configuration is saved with the Client.
- FileConfig: Changed datafile saving method, more reliable when the service is stopped unintentionally while updating data state files.
- Debug Logging: Completely rewritten debug output for Rule Engine (Filters) for better readability and analysis.
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