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Loganalyzer custom reports No data error

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Loganalyzer custom reports No data error

Postby fsocratous » Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:59 pm

Hi guys,
I am a noob concerning the loganalyzer and today is the third day in a row which i am trying make my own custom loganalyzer reports but nothing seems to work. So straight to the point:

1. I have a syslog server where i receive system events from other servers and i store those events in a mysql database
2. Manage to install loganalyzer
In Sources Options
3. Source Type = Database DPO
4. Default selected view = Syslog
5. Database Storage Engine = MySql Server
6. Table type = Monitorware
7. Database Host = localhost
8. Database Name = Syslog
9. Database Tablename = SystemEvents
10. Database User = root
11. Database Password = xxxxxxx

Now what i don't understand is why do i always get the following error message when i am trying to set my own logon/logoff report: "Failed generating report 'EventLog Logon/Logoff Report' with the following error reason: No data found for report generation"

Basically what i am trying to do is select for the last 24hours (datelastx:3) from a specific host (source:Oracle) and where the message contains the word "LOGOFF" (msg: LOGOFF).
If i use datelastx:3 source:Oracle msg: LOGOFF in the search field in the main screen i get results, why in the reports i always get the "No data..." error?

I would appreciate any help, Thank you in advance.

Fanos Socratous
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Re: Loganalyzer custom reports No data error

Postby alorbach » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:34 am


these reports are designed to work with EventLog Monitor messages generated by EventReporter or RSyslog Windows Agent.
Other data can not be consolidated with this report.

best regards,
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