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How do I transparently tunnel a private subnet over a routed

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How do I transparently tunnel a private subnet over a routed

Postby brillhart » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:53 am

I've got two devices with hard-coded configurations, at and Their subnets are set to and they do not have gateways.

They can talk to each other on a crossover cable or a hub or a switch. How do I help them talk across a normal network--e.g. across the country--to tunnel the packets transparently, though that might not be what it's called?

I have use of Cisco routers. Two of our sysadmins were unable to figure out how to do this, cursing the dumb embedded devices.

I don't want to put some kind of host widget on either one of them, just want to plug into existing routers without adding additional hardware.

It seems to me that routers are smart and very configurable, and should be able to make a virtual wire or hub like this.

I'd be even more pleased if I could setup a laptop on (for instance), on a switch at one end, and talk to both of them.

It's like a switch cut in half with the halves moved cross- country. Easy?
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