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How to configure TLS

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How to configure TLS

Postby vonlandc » Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:23 am

Just wondering if there is any detailed instructions or examples covering exactly how to configure WinSyslog to use TLS.
There are three fields on the configuration tool for PEM files, but it is not really clear what each of these PEM files needs to contain (only certificates, private keys?), or which of the three PEM files are required for each of the various settings for TLS mode.
The only mode that I have been successful with is "Anonymous authentication" but that is not very helpful.

Do the certificate files only need to be added to the WinSyslog configuration page, or also added to the Windows certificate store, and if so, which one?

The manual for Common CA PEM states: "Select the certificate from the common Certificate Authority (CA), the syslog receiver should use the same CA." But isn't WinSyslog itself the "syslog receiver"?

If I want to use "x509/certvalid (certificate validation only)" is it sufficient to only install a common root CA and sign the certificate from my client systems using the same root CA?
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