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GUI not acting as it should

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GUI not acting as it should

Postby chris86 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:20 am


I am having a bit of difficulties with the admin interface. Few examples:

- When I go to Sources and edit one of the source, then click save it just deletes the whole source
- When I go to Views
->add a new source
-> select a column and add the column
-> select another column and add the column it will delete the one i previously selected. I can never add more than 1 column.

- When I create a new db mapping and add some fields it does not save it correctly. Some fields it saves, some are ignored and some become a different value that I assigned. As an example:
-> I specified EventID => eventid... but it saved as EventID => 1

For now I do it directly in the mysql tables as I can not get it working with the Admin interface.

I use 3.5.5

Tried with Firefox 13
and Internet Exploder 8

I don't have any other browsers available.

Did any of you experience this as well?
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