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FYI:What is "An interface has too many methods to"

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FYI:What is "An interface has too many methods to"

Postby alorbach » Thu Mar 06, 2003 6:34 pm


do you get an Event 150 from AdisconMonilog in the Application log which looks like this?

Code: Select all
Event Type:   Error
Event Source:   AdisconMoniLog
Event Category:   None
Event ID:   150
Date:      1/1/2003
Time:      9:00:00 AM
User:      N/A
Unknown error occured. See the details below: An interface
has too many
methods to fire events from

This can have different reasons. First of all, it is a following error if the Monilog Service cannot read the syslog files.

If you are using a network share as logs location, make sure that you configure the Monilog Service with an user account that has sufficient rights to the share. By default, the Service runs with the local system account which never has rights to network shares.

If the files are local (and the Service runs under the local system account), make sure that the loacl system account has at least READ/WRITE Access to it. This is important, because the Monilog Service creates temp files while generating a report.
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