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First DEMO Site of phpLogCon V2!

This forum covers ideas and discussions on future phpLogCon versions. Most importantly, all discussions on the upcoming version 2 should go here.

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First DEMO Site of phpLogCon V2!

Postby alorbach » Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:44 pm

Hi all,

here is our first demo site online of the new upcomming phpLogCon v2:

Please note that this Version has still many bugs and not all visible features are implemented yet. But you will get quiet a good look at what you can expect in the first beta version.

There are three sample sources configured, all plain text files. These files are processed and splitted into usefull fields, as far as possible. You can switch between the sample sources in the header.

You can also switch themes from each site, currently only two sample themes area available. In a later step you will be able to switch between languages on the fly. Note that these both switch boxes in the Top can also be hidden if you want.

I hope you like it, looking forward to comments, ideas and more ;)

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