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[outdated] EventReporter 9.2 (Build 300) RB - 2008-03-06

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[outdated] EventReporter 9.2 (Build 300) RB - 2008-03-06

Postby alorbach » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:16 pm


The Rolling Beta program is open, features and bugfixes will be added continuously.
The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes.
Feel free to test this new rolling beta version, if you are experiencing any problems,
kindly let us know via support email ( or this forum.

A note on Win32 and x64 Edition
EventReporter is available for 2 platforms. Since Build 287, bot Editions are unified in one Setup file, this includes the win32 platform and the x64 platform. If you had win32 installed before, your installation will be upgraded to x64 automatically without loss of any configurations.

:arrow: Download of the rolling beta
:arrow: EventReporter 9.2 Rolling Beta Manual

Below the change since version 9.1:

:!: 2008-03-06 / build 300
:arrow: Features
- Filter Engine: Added a new Extended Property type for number based properties, so you can filter for custom properties as numbers.

:!: 2008-02-27 / build 299
:arrow: Features
- Upgraded MS C-Runtime: The Service Core has been updated to use the latest Microsoft C-Runtime library.

:arrow: Bugfixes
- Forward Syslog Action: Fixed a bug in the RealSource Option, the proper "source" was not set correctly after opening a syslog session.

:!: 2008-01-15 / build 298
:arrow: Features
- Queue Manager: Added a new major feature, Queue Manager Diskcache. This feature enables the Service to cache items in its internal queue on disk using a fixed data file. Warning, this feature will slow down processing speed depending on your hard disk speed. This feature can give you an additional level of failover support. More details will be found in the beta manual very soon.

:!: 2007-12-18 / build 297
:arrow: Features
- Send Email Action: Added support for SSL over SMTP. Yes this means you can actually use a secured connection to SMTP Servers. Note that the common default port for SMTP over SSL is 465. If you enable SSL Support and use a normal SMTP Server, the email delivery will fail.

:arrow: Bugfixes
- Configuration Client: There was a bug in the grid which prevented you from inserting properties. This one has been fixed now.

:!: 2007-12-17 / build 296
:arrow: Bugfixes
- Internal TCP Handling: This crash occurred very seldom under stress circumstances and Syslog TCP Forwarder was used (persistent connection). The TCP Close handing has been hardened against this crash, but you might find an error event in the application EventLog when this issue occurs.
- EventLog Monitor V2: Is now correctly received by the SETP Server.
- Syslog Cache handling: Fixed a bug where the Syslog Cache did not work when the Agent was started, and the Syslog target already was down.
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