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EventReporter 8.2 (Build 271) Rolling beta - Updt:2007-07-25

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EventReporter 8.2 (Build 271) Rolling beta - Updt:2007-07-25

Postby alorbach » Tue Jul 25, 2006 1:38 pm


The Rolling Beta program is now also opened for EventReporter, features and bugfixes will be added continuously. The changelog below helps you to keep track on the changes. Feel free to test this new rolling beta version, if you are experiencing any problems, kindly let us know via support email ( or this forum.

A note on Win32 and x64 Edition
EventReporter is available for 2 platforms. For the win32 platform as before and now also for the x64 platform. Note that you can not cross update from the win32 to the x64 Version yet. If you want to do so, you can manually backup your registry settings, uninstall the EventReporter, install the x64 Version and reimport the registry settings.

Download of the Win32 rolling beta
Download of the x64 rolling beta

Below the change since version 8.1:

:!: 2006-07-25 / build 271
:arrow: Features/Enhancements
- MonitorWare Echo Reply: Added Multihome ( IP Selection) for this service.
- EventLog Monitor: Added ressource library cache. This new feature will mainly be useful for the Eventlog Monitor. All libraries will be cached for 30 minutes by default, this will be a great performance enhancement when reading the whole Eventlog.
- EventLog Monitor: Added support to read ressource libraries from all remote volumes, not just remote system libraries.

:arrow: Bugfixes
- ForwardSyslog Action: Fixed a wrong Session Timeout value in case TCP was selected as protocol. This caused each TCP Session to be closed after usage. The session will now remain open for 30 minutes by default.
- Filter Engine: Added a missing InfoUnit Filter, IsHeartBeat has been added.
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