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EventReport 8.4.286

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EventReport 8.4.286

Postby jim » Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:18 pm

The version information is:
Adiscon EventReporter Version: 8.4.286
Client Version: 8.4.259

I downloaded the latest stable release and was surprised to find only three options for syslog message delivery available.

The three message delivery options are:
TCP (one message per connection)
RFC3195 RAW.

I was testing with the rolling beta - I have version:
Adiscon EventReporter Version: 8.4.280
Client Version: 8.4.250
This had 4 message delivery options:
TCP (one message per connection)
TCP (persistent connection)
TCP (octet-count based framing)
RFC3195 RAW.

The TCP option in the current release really stinks. All TCP connections are consumed in very little time with TIME-WAITs.

Are there plans on releasing the TCP (persistent connection) option in the production release?
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Postby friedl » Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:17 am

Hello Jim, currently the octet-count based framing for TCP is only available in the Rolling Beta. This feature is still in development.

Most likely it will be included in the next major release, which will be version 5.0. Currently we have no fixed release date, but we are looking forward to a release this summer (august).

Best regards,

Florian Riedl
Adiscon Support
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