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i can't connect device (windows ce) with DeskTop(window 2000

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i can't connect device (windows ce) with DeskTop(window 2000

Postby Rafael » Thu Aug 26, 2004 12:09 pm

I am trying to work with MSMQ on Windows CE.
Probably installed
OK (msmqadm works; I use the CETCHA sample, running twice on
one CE device, when I draw in first window, I see my lines
in second window). But I can't do it with one window on Windows CE
and one window on desktop.

I install message queuing on Desk with Active directory
two etcha on desktop also works.

I do have TCP/IP connections over USB
(Explorer opens, but I can't ping, even
when I give it's IP address and not host name).
I do have connect via RF card (ping device work)

What must I do to make MSMQ exchange messages between 2 machines?

Thanks in advance,

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