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Adware ISTBar

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Adware ISTBar

Postby surreyfrog » Fri Jul 15, 2005 10:10 am

Microsoft Anti-Spyware is doing a good job on my PC and detects threats as they hit the machine.

One mildly annoying one is ISTbar which regularly tries to install itself into my browser, and to change my restricted sites settings but the Anti Spyware catches it and warns me, so I can instruct it to get rid of IST Bar.

I have a question - can anyone answer it?

Where is this IST Bar coming from when it tries to do the dirty on me and can I stop it from trying to get into my machine?

It seems to happen after I have connected to BT broadband, although I'm not sure if I have to launch Explorer before I get hit with it. I know for sure that it is not as a result of me going to a dodgy site, because it happened this morning after I started broadband and was connecting to Google.

any ideas where it's coming from or how I can find out?
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