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10106 The requested service provider could not be loaded or

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It all kinda works

Postby another_tech_agent » Sat Jan 29, 2005 5:00 pm

When using a cable modem this happens when the DHCP client on the PC hangs. To fix this is usually power cycle the modem(remove power, wait a few seconds and plug it back in). Then you will get "not a socket" error when trying to renew the IP address. So all you have to do is reset winsock. Either by deleteing the reg keys or by the SP2 quick fix one

netsh winsock reset catalog

restart the pc and robert your fathers brother.

Postby DT » Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:01 pm

I am also a tech support rep. This a winsock issue on the computer. Uninstalling or installing any software will fix this unless it contains a winsock repair. Easy If you have SP2. Reset the winsock using the command "netsh winsock reset catalog" (without quotes).

Re: 10106 The requested service provider could not be loade

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 29, 2005 12:51 am

NS wrote:10106 The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized. WSAEPROVIDERFAILEDINIT

I get this when I try and telnet to my ADSL router from my XP box.
A Windows 2000 laptop is fine. I can ping the router if I manually set the pc address but telnet fails and DHCP no longer works on the pc ( was fine ) while the 2000 box is ok.


Hi there
I'm taking this opportunity to ask you the same question ...
I'm having a prob with the DSL connection, my ISP people found out that my computer is not getting the correct IP Address from my DSL Modem/Router. Its getting a 169.x.x.x IP .. and they had me release and renew IP Address and that's the time I got this error message.

What should I do to fix it? I've no router ( other than my modem/router) and no firewall ... I'm running WinXP on my computer ...

Please help...

Thanks a lot!!


just to let you know

Postby guest » Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:04 am

I am also a tech support agent and came across the error "the requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized" when trying to renew an IP address. Guest actually ended up rebooting twice and pulled a valid IP address.

same problem

Postby eganw » Tue Apr 04, 2006 6:59 pm

I am unable to open any sockets in XP. i am not connected to the internet. I just get the error:
unregnized windows socket error
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Re: corrupted Winsocks

Postby gmagill » Sat May 06, 2006 3:18 am

bulok wrote:Here's my quick fix for this.

1) Remove winsock and winsock2 from registry editor.


2) Restart PC. When it boots it should tell you TCP/IP is not installed.

3) Go to Network connections and Right click their connection. Choose Properties.

4). Click Install

5). Click Protocol, then click Add

6) Click Have Disk. Type C:\Windows\inf . Choosing browse on the C: prompt won't work since it won't be listed there.

7). On the list available choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click OK

That's it. There shouldn't be anymore restart involved so try to see if they can get online. If not then a reboot should work.

What a total life saver! You are AWESOME!

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