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Do you like to interact with your local troubleshooting and logging system? It's easy.

The MonitorWare Knowledge Base (MWKB) supports Adiscon LogAnalyzer, a web front end to various network events like syslog and Windows Event Logs. MWKB works in tandem with Adiscon LogAnalyzer. Then, MWKB generates links into your local Adiscon LogAnalyzer, which are used to help you understand the logs you see. Similarly, Adiscon LogAnalyzer points to MWKB for additional information and help. Form your point of view, this looks much like a single, very capable system. However, your local data never goes out to the public Internet. It is only accessible by you.

To enable this kind of integration, all you need to do is add your local Adiscon LogAnalyzer link in your user profile. Of course, that requires a local Adiscon LogAnalyzer install. If you do not yet use this tool, feel free to download and install Adiscon LogAnalyzer. It is GPLed, free, easy to install and use and works with standard logging systems. We are sure you will like it.

You can also visit our demo site to get an idea how Adiscon LogAnalyzer looks like.